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Jim Shooter: A Second Opinion

Hi everyone, Here’s a recent blog article by R. S. Martin titled Jim Shooter: A Second Opinion. It’s about Jim’s time as editor in chief of Marvel Comics. Jim thought it might be of interest to readers of the blog. It’s a revised and expanded version of an article that was originally published at The Hooded… Read More »

New! Storytelling Lecture.

JayJay here. Look! Up in the navigation bar! I’ve created a separate web page section of the blog just for Jim’s storytelling lecture. It’s all of the information and images, without the fluff or announcements, in one easy-to-find spot. I thought it would be easier for people to to explore the content and browse only… Read More »

Speaking of Con Appearances

If anyone is interested, I’ll be at the following cons: Indiana Comic Con, April 29 (maybe, it’s still a mystery), April 30 –May 1 (for sure) Eternal Con, Long Island, June 10-12 (I’ll probably be there only one day, don’t know which yet. Check their website.) Denver Comic Con, June 18-19 (I think) I’ll also be  at… Read More »

A Look Back

Here’s a recent YouTube interview filmed at the 2015 Florida Supercon with Supercon Mike where Jim talks about his past and some comic book industry history. He tells the story of the acquisition of the Gold Key characters for VALIANT, the early days of the direct market, the creation of GI Joe, Secret Wars and other… Read More »

Technical Difficulties Defeated!

It seems a Black Hole warped cyberspace and absorbed a lot of entries I posted long ago. They just vanished. However, the Amazing JayJay, Blog Elf Extraordinaire, has dragged them all out of oblivion. They’re ba-a-ack!  She can tell you what happened and how she fixed it if she wants. I prefer to believe it was Elf-magic. The really… Read More »

Stardoll 1: Secrets & Dreams

Hello, Dolly! The first ever Stardoll graphic novel is on sale today. Available physically and electronically. If you don’t know, Stardoll is, according to their website: “The world’s largest online fashion and dress up games community for girls!” It has 200 million users worldwide. It’s “paperdoll heaven.” Even I knew that, and I’m decades older and the… Read More »

Happy Holidays

To anyone reading this and all ships at sea, Merry Christmas or happy whichever holiday(s) may apply. Thanks for the mostly kind attention and support you graciously gave me back when I had time to blog. And, thank you to the justifiably cranky folks who chimed in when the occasion called for it.  Blogging was… Read More »

Inkwell Awards Voting

JayJay here. I just wanted to let everyone know the Inkwell Awards annual ballot is live and voting is in effect now! From May 1 – May 15 at http://www.inkwellawards.com Vote for your favorite inkers and vote for two of the industries most outstanding talents to win the Joe Sinnott lifetime achievement award!

The Dramatic Conclusion of the New Business Model Rant

First This Cory Doctorow sent me a couple of nice e-mails recently. He said he liked the last three posts, which discussed issues he raised about copyright, DRM and SOPA.You probably noticed from the dates on Cory’s articles and essays I cited (if you followed the links) that some were written a while ago. Cory said that… Read More »

VCS Seven Project

JayJay here. The VALIANT Collector’s Society asked me to make an announcement… They have organized a special project of 100 Seven issue 1 comics signed by Jim Shooter, and several other creators who worked on the books, combined with a signed printout of issue 2, a CD with issue 2 in PDF format, a plot… Read More »

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