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FCBD Signing Tour

JayJay here. I wanted to mention that Jim and J.C. Vaughn are doing a signing tour of three stores next Saturday on Long Island. So if you are around next weekend, come on out!

Scoop – FCBD Shooter, Vaughn Triple Signing on Long Island


Storytelling Lecture, Suggested Reading


Another Question, Another Answer


  1. Neat. I've never had the opportunity to get your autograph in person but I am pleased to own signed copies of Knights on Broadway #1 and Fatale #5 distributed by American Entertainment with certificates of authenticity. Getting a copy of Superman #199 signed with the triangular "S" emblem would be mighty impressive.

  2. Yes, if asked.

  3. If I lived anywhere nearby, I would jump at the chance to attend this tour. By the way, Jim mentioned learning to sign “Shooter” with a Superman “S” in an earlier blog entry from March 16th. Does he still sign National Comics that way anymore?

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