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10 Best Comics’ Creators’ Quips and Quotes

(…that I can think of at the moment, in no particular order)

1.  Bill Gaines’ opening remark to me, each and every time I saw him:  “My ambition in life is to weigh less than my refrigerator.”

2.  Editor Carl Potts to me:  “The problem with you is that you’re stubborn.”
Me:  “Well, that’s the Potts calling the kettle black.”

3.  Editor Larry Hama to me:  “All the really creative people are crazy.”
Me:  “I’m not crazy.”
Larry:  “Exactly.”

4.  Gil Kane to Louise Simonson:  “Yes, my boy.”

5.  Jack Abel to anyone who displeased him while in polite company:  “Ingest excrement and expire.”

6.  Stan Lee, jokingly:  “I’m surrounded by assassins.”  All right, maybe only half-jokingly.

7.  Marvel Publisher Mike Hobson to me:  “Sometimes, at the end of the day, the only satisfaction you have is knowing that you behaved properly.”

8.  Red Sonja artist Frank Thorne, rationalizing regarding work for hire:  “I know you can’t have the farmhands thinking they own the cow every time they pull a teat.”

9.  Editor and writer Jo Duffy regarding letterer and part-time fashion model Denise Wohl:  “She’s cosmetically aware.”

10. Jack Kirby to several creators, including me, at a San Diego Con:  “Just keep going no matter what.  You’re in the game.  You’re in the game.”


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  1. Anonymous

    Jim, My favorite comics' creators' quip occurred at New York Comicon 2007 when Blue Beetle writer Keith Giffen let loose with this gem during the DC panel:

    Q: "Keith, what do readers think about the increase of diversity in DC's comic book characters?"
    A: "Well, it don't make the white folk too happy!"

    The room just exploded with laughter. I thought Dan Didio was going to wilt behind his podium. –MikeAnon

  2. That quote by Mike Hobson is pure class. Love it.

  3. Great, Jim! 🙂

  4. please, more Gil Kane stories.

    Sounds lie he was a real trip

  5. Funny, very funny.

  6. Now that you mention it, "Silent Night" would be the ideal title for that project. ^_^ I guess I should clarify that my joke wasn't intended as a diss toward Mr. Hama or Mr. Windsor-Smith. I'm a loyal fan of their work. In fact, the only Conan issues I own are credited to either Larry or Barry.

  7. "Seven" has a "Dark Dominion" feel to it. Especially the villain.

  8. So, kintounkal, what would be the title… "Silent Night"? 😉

  9. Marc,

    I never knew Seven was published. That's exciting news. I haven't felt this surprised to know a comic exists since I learned Star Seed #9 was available a couple years after I bought issue 8.

    I think Larry Hama & Barry Windsor-Smith need to collaborate together someday. Larry would write a story without words or sound effects just as he did for G.I. Joe #21 ("Silent Interlude") and Barry would contribute nothing but black pages just like the cover for Solar, Man of the Atom #10 (The Man Who Killed The World"). 😉

  10. Those are FANTASTIC!!!!

  11. Dear Jim,

    Thanks for all the quotes. What a game you've played in.

    Denise Wohl* … letterer by day, model by night? What other interesting dual lives do comics creators have? Moon Knight's triple identity is becoming more plausible now …

    *The one comic of yours that I most want to read is the one you did for her. Can't find SEVEN anywhere! Not even eBay!

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