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Archie Goodwin Bares All

JayJay Here. Back in the Marvel days Jim frequently would give a gift box of Godiva chocolates to people for their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It was a popular gift with the staff and even more popular when the recipient shared! One year Archie Goodwin made the birthday card below for Jim.



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  1. Y'know, I'd heard of Lady Godiva but never knew the story, so I didn't get this joke. After looking her up on Wikipedia, I get it now and also learned the origin of the phrase "Peeping Tom!"

  2. OM

    …Considering the chronic pain I have in the diaphramial region these days from CVS, either Jim needs to add a [LAUGHS AHEAD] warning to posts like this, or I need to double the level of pain killers I take before reading his blog.

    …That being said, we really *are* somewhat lessened without the presence of Archie Goodwin, ain't we? 🙁 🙁

  3. Dear Jim,

    I've long wanted to see more Archie Goodwin art, but I never expected a piece like this! Godiva chocolates are transient, but a Godiva cartoon is forever! One of the best custom cards I've ever seen.

    P.S.: Cute post title!

  4. LMAO!!! That's just funny!

  5. Wonderful! How sad he passed away so early.

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