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Hurricane Delay

JayJay Here. Jim will be a bit late with the blog today. He’s helping out a friend with hurricane preparations. And he has to do his own! So, later today. 


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  1. Dear Dusty,

    Of course, I would have tried to keep from making sacrifices that impacted Marvel.

    Regarding Marvel taking "a hit": O'Neill and Carlin were fired, and DC was welcome to them as far as I was concerned. Byrne was a loss, granted. So was Roy. Miller had become a mega-star and played the field, so to speak, working on any project anywhere that appealed to him. Mazzuchelli and Guice had no problems with Marvel as far as I know, and worked wherever it suited them at the moment. We had plenty of talent and new, outstanding talents arriving steadily. Also, it seemed to us that creators who went to DC generally didn't have the level of success they had at Marvel.

  2. Whoops…that post was supposed to be in Jim's last entry. That's what I get for posting when I should be sleeping! lol

  3. What's up with that damn Jim Galton doubting you again after he said he wouldn't?

    I have to say, I'm glad this didn't happen. I consider 1984-1986 to be the high point in the history of Marvel, and had this happened, things would have, no doubt, been much different. I would have hated for John Buscema to be on Superman and not to have been drawing Avengers or Conan during that time. Byrne would have been probably doing something on a DC book, too, and his DC work never had the same magic that his Marvel work did. I wouldn't have wanted Marvel to have sacrifices made in an attempt to build up the DC line, at least initially, and that's most likely how it would have went down. Marvel's comics took a hit when Byrne, Miller, Mazzucchelli, Guice, O'Neil, Carlin, and a few others went over there when DC did their first big relaunch, and it would have been worse for me if that happened in 1984 or 1985.

  4. ja

    They still make phone books? Wow.

  5. @PC, wooden houses are much safer than brick in this situation. Brick-and-mortar construction is not at all flexible. Any lateral force causes it to basically fall down. Wood can flex.

  6. PC

    Considering the amount of hurricanes that hit certain parts of the United States, I'm surprised you guys still build wooden houses. If I lived in Hurricane Alley, I'd make sure the entire house was made of bricks.

    But then again, Extreme Makoever Home Edition would never work in my country.

  7. Anonymous

    Somehow, unlike SF, I don't think the NY phone books print extensive disaster information. As in fill your tub with water, don't use camping stoves inside, etal.

    As for hurricanes in Texas, were you around for Camille in 1969? I remember being stuck inside for a week–surely I reread every comic book I owned at least twice–and when my mother finally slogged out to the garden, she came back with a zucchini the size of a baseball bat (and announced it was going to be dinner).

  8. Be safe and may God watch over you.

  9. I'm sure Jim will be ok up in Nyack.

  10. JayJay,

    Thanks for posting the explanation. None needed given that we know you and Jim live in the affected area, but I do appreciate it. Jim's character shines through as always.

    Hoping everyone in the zone gets through this in one piece …

  11. ja

    Oh a mighty wind's a-blowin', it's kicking up the sand,

    It's blowin' out a message to every woman, child and man.

    Yes a mighty wind's a-blowin', 'cross the land and 'cross the sea,

    It's a-blowin' peace and freedom, it's blowin' equality.

    Yes it's a-blowin' peace and freedom, it's blowin' you and me!

    Good luck out there.

  12. Anonymous

    Be safe, all.

    –Rick Dee

  13. Hey Jay Jay. I'm gonna email you. I live in staten Island too.

  14. Anonymous

    JayJay and Jim – y'all stay safe out there!

    That goes for any of you readers in the danger zone, as well.

    – Bryan

  15. Anonymous

    meh the wind took the "s" from "book" and added it to "comic".
    There. That's a sign.

    Other than that here in France things are of coure more calm.
    We have clouds today and it will probably rain soon, it is also coldier and not as hearvy hot as it was the last few days.

    Once again, all the best and get well through that hurrican.


  16. Anonymous

    "We're not in Staten Island anymore"
    "Hey, is that Jim in that fiel beyond that comics book road?'


  17. We are in an evacuation zone here on Staten island, but I don't see the point of going. The basement may flood but we live upstairs. I've been through really bad hurricanes in Texas, especially when I lived in Houston, so I'm less worried than I might be. We are taking the normal precautions, but I doubt they will even be necessary.

  18. Hurricanes are no fun!

    If I go camping, I'd rather not do in my house.
    I lived thru several storms on the coast. Surreal.

  19. Anonymous

    Yeah, it seems a bit windy.


    PS: I hope everything will go just fine for all of you. Take care folks. Jim, Jay-Jay and you all.

  20. Anonymous

    Sure, sure. Helping out a friend with hurricane preparations. Oldest excuse in the book!


    Here's hoping everyone makes it out without any major injuries or other calamities.


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