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Mile High Comics Appearance

I’m going to be signing at Chuck Rozanski’s new Mile High Comics Mega-Store this Saturday. I don’t often do signings and conventions anymore, but Chuck has been a good friend for over 30 years. He asked me to help out with his Christmas Season event at his new store and I couldn’t let him down.  He’s helped me out many times and never let me down.

This is an excerpt from the Mile High Comics Newsletter, December 7th:

Jim Shooter Will Autograph Comics For You!


Big news this morning, as I have a tentative agreement with comics legend, Jim Shooter, to sign autographs for fans at next week’s Christmas Gift Auction at our new Jason St. Mega-Store! We do still have to work out the travel arrangements, but presuming that we can make all the logistics work, Jim will be signing autographs for us at Jason St. next Saturday (December 17th), from 10 AM -3 PM. There will be an initial limit of 3 free autographs per person in line, but once we get everyone through the line at least once, we will let folks get back in line. Having Jim Shooter visit us here in Denver again will be great fun! Jim was last here in 1992, when he helped us open our first Mega-Store, in Thornton…

In case you missed my earlier announcements, our December 17th Jason St. sale will be focused on providing those who can attend the sale with a huge spectrum of last-minute stocking stuffer gifts. We have several thousand action figures available, racks full of T-shirts, pins, buttons, posters, collectible cards, plush toys, Star Trek and Star Wars collectibles, and a huge selection of rare Disney items. My goal on the 17th will be to help everyone find perfect last-minute gifts from our immense new store. I will also be hosting one of my world-famous 1,000 item no-minimum-bid auction that day, with at least 500 cool gift items among the offerings. Join us at Jason St. a week from this Saturday and I promise you that you will fill your entire holiday shopping list, at wonderful bargain prices.

For those of you who cannot attend the sale in person, I have a special Jim Shooter autograph offer. Buy any comic book, graphic novel, or magazine written or edited by Jim from our website this week and you can ask for it to be signed by Jim for only $2 per item! Jim has agreed to sign up to 500 items for us, with the $2 signing fees going to help defray his travel costs Denver. If you would like to participate in this unique autograph offer, just place your order for Jim Shooter items via our website, and then let us know which comics/books you liked signed in the “notes” section for them to be autographed. For each item you wish autographed, please order a Jim Shooter Signed Item Fee. We will then have Jim sign them for you. Each Jim Shooter book that you have signed will come with a small certificate of authenticity with the date, and the Mile High Comics logo. Even if you cannot attend the Jason St. sale in person on the 17th, this still gives you a way to have comics signed by Jim! All Jim Shooter autographed items will ship on Monday, December 19th.

Here’s a follow up from the December 12th Newsletter:
Free ACTION #2 Variant –


Jim Shooter Autographs Almost Sold Out!


I want to start off today by thanking everyone who has pre-ordered Jim Shooter autographs from us. We are now rapidly approaching the 500 autographs that Jim graciously agreed to provide to everyone who shops with us via our website. I am reasonably certain that Jim is willing to up that limit, and to keep signing all of his comics that are ordered via the website by Friday afternoon. But there are obviously the limitations of time and physical ability. Signing that many comics takes a long time!

So you know, Jim will be arriving in Denver at noon on Friday, and will be signing pre-orders for us all afternoon, in the order in which they were received. If you would still like to have Jim sign some of his comics for you, please be sure and order them via our website right away. Each signature incurs a $2 fee, which will go to help offset Jim’s travel costs. That having been said, each of the comics that Jim signs will come with a nice certificate of authenticity for you. If you live in the Denver area and would like to meet Jim in person, those same certificates will be available for $2 each at our Jason St. signing party (4600 Jason St, Denver CO 80211). The Jason St. signing will run from 10 AM – 3 PM this Saturday, with Jim signing right up to 3 PM. He will give a small talk and host a Q&A from 11 AM – Noon, after which I will be auctioning 1,000 items for no-minimum-bid, with a special focus on inexpensive last-minute holiday gifts. If you can come by to our Jason St. party this Saturday, please do!

#2 Variant Edition

(…)P.S. We do still have free table space available for any local comics creators who would like to join the Jim Shooter signing on Saturday. Please contact David Saindon, the manager of our Lakewood, Colorado retail store at 303-238-8125, or write to him at david.saindon@gmail.com. All the revenues that you might generate from your comics, are yours to keep…


This is going to be fun. If you’re in the area on Saturday, please stop by. I’d be very happy to see you.

The Mile High Comics Newsletter appears in my inbox every few days. Besides the latest offers and specials, it usually has tales of Chuck’s adventures along the way, everything from reports on the cons he attends (his San Diego Comic-Con reports are incredible) and comics buying expeditions to what’s going on with his family and the farm. Chuck’s a collector of Native American pottery as well as comics, and has some interesting experiences to relate about that, too. It’s always a fun read full of personality and insight. If you’re interested, you can check out the Newsletter and/or sign up for it at the Mile High Comics site:

By the way, in case you didn’t know, in 1996, Chuck wrote this book:
Here’s a typical page:
I think this is great, and very useful. It inspired me to track down some items that I wanted to own.
Chuck always signs off on the Newsletter thus:
“Happy Collecting!”
Seems appropriate here, too.
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To Kill or Not to Kill


Joe Simon


  1. Dear Brandy,

    RE: "Was Frank Miller always as weird as he is now?" Well…I guess I'd use the word "unusual." Frank always was unusual. From the get-go, he had an intensity that was unusual. When he was drawing Daredevil, he once spent a night prowling around on the rooftops of Hell's Kitchen to see what it would be like. That's unusual. I think he's probably still very unusual, though I haven't been around him much for a long time. Maybe he has reached new heights of unusuality by now. That would be weird….

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks mr. Shooter.

    Was Frank Miller always as weird as he is now?

    I'm not offended, and in case I wasn't clear, I don't believe in banning or censorship. Women can take of business just fine. Even strippers.


  3. Anonymous

    re: Mile High. And it's worth noting that for every comic that is priced high, there is probably a good deal on Mile High's Web site. I recently got some Alan Moore Swamp Things (toward the end of Moore's run) for a very low price on Mile High

    If it wasn't for eBay, Mile High would still be THE source for comics online.

    It's also worth noting that Chuck carries comics that are almost impossible to find elsewhere (collectors who look for Archie 60's and 70's stuff know what I am talking about)


  4. With the customer base Chuck has and the amount of very difficult to sell material out on the back issue market, he has to price books in a manner that makes the common stuff easy to get and the harder to find stuff… well… available. Customers are cherry pickers. They want to buy the key books and skip over the rest. Chuck doesn't have a problem selling key books, so he holds out for the collectors willing to pay the most. I admire his business sense, but I think it does look bad to the consumer when things are overpriced and only available for a normal price whenever there is a sale. I think it's a good practice to price 20% more than you hope to get, and then lower the price accordingly based upon how much people buy. There has to be a pad for discount.

    The biggest problem I have with Chuck is that his inventory database is not accurate and the mistakes don't get fixed in a timely manner. When his people look at their stock and see they don't have a specific comic, their online database should be adjusted immediately and not have that book show in stock for a year or two later.

    I got a comic that didn't match what was advertised last time I bought from him, but the price was not in a high enough range to complain. I considered it an honest mistake and I wasn't going to make him incur more costs than the book was worth. I have a much bigger problem with his competitor Lonestar that is flat out negligent on their packaging. I will never buy from them again , although I have a friend that was regularly selling to them bulk comics at wholesale prices.

    I don't understand how someone can sell comics for as long as chuck has. Once I acquired an Amazing Fantasy #15, Hulk #1, and a Fantastic Four #1 (all low grade), it made everything else seem somewhat unimportant. My friend "discovered" the pay copies of Marvel Comics #1 and Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly #1 and that alone is enough to humble me into realizing there is always something more rare, desired, and more expensive than anything I will ever own. I did get to hold gems like a pedigree Wonder Woman #1, a Detective Comics #1, an Amazing Man #5… and whole bunch of rare or high dollar stuff when I was hanging out with him. For me, I'm interested what's inside the book and the rarity/novelty value of certain other comics.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    RE: Chuck Rozanski: Buy comics and collectibles from him or don't. If you can get a better deal elsewhere or have something against him go elsewhere. I know the guy. I know he does the best he can to be an honest businessman and do the right thing by everybody every day. In 33 years, I have never seen him do anything out of spite or malice. I have never seen him do anything dishonorable.

    I have seen him do many honorable things to his own detriment. When I was kicked out of Marvel, for daring to be open in his support of me — I have a copy of his letter to President Jim Galton protesting my firing — Marvel screwed him on his ad rates. Ask him.

    The greatest testament to him, in my book, is that, though we are friends, he would not say a false word for or against me. He would not tout a project of mine he didn't believe in, nor would he lie about me to feather his nest. There were times that I could have used a plug in his newsletter, but he couldn't honestly praise the product — so he didn't.

    Chuck is one of the best friends the comic book industry has ever had. And on a related topic, one of the best friends I have ever had.

  6. Dear czeskleba,

    I think that Mort Weisinger started the alliterative name thing, or at least was a Principal Proponent : ) of the practice. Lori Lemaris, Lana Lang, Lois Lane, even Lara-El (pronounced "L," of course) were among the LL's in Superman's life. And that's how they were referred to at DC in the 60's: "the LL's."

  7. Dear Brandy,

    I am sorry you were offended by a comment here. Sincerely. But, aside from blatant sales pitches, we don't censor or screen comments. I think everyone should be free to say whatever they have to say. Usually, comments that could be construed as negative consist of people holding my feet to the fire, scourging me for something or just being hateful toward me for whatever reason. I believe that Defiant 1 was actually mocking the notion of drawing inferences from any name. I don't think he meant offense to anyone, my opinion. Growing up with the name "Shooter" and hearing ad infinitum what fifth graders or people with fifth grade senses of humor (ridicule?) could do with that name, I have become inured to name-sensitivity. Frank Miller once jokingly referred to me as "Shit-for-brains." You know, there have been moments when he wasn't far off. But I persevere. And tolerate.

  8. Anonymous

    [MikeAnon:] The irony is that "David" sounded way more weak and unmanly to me as a kid than "Bruce" ever did. I'm not sure why — maybe it's a "two syllables sounds weaker than one syllable" thing. Anyway, I would have thought that the Bruce–>David change would have been a conscious attempt to make the character seem weaker.

    Peter David made use of Bruce's real first name once during his run: "Do you mind if I call you 'Bob'?" "Hnh. No one ever does." (Or something like that.) [–MikeAnon]

  9. I believe the name Bob was used in a Hulk crossover story in Fantastic Four. I want to say FF #25, but I believe that was a two part story, so I'm not sure.

  10. Dear Neil,

    RE: "Didn't CBS change Bruce Banner's name to David Banner in the TV series because they thought it sounded too homosexual? Maybe I'm missing something but how is the name "Bruce" homosexual?"

    I am very certain that no one involved will admit this now in these more PC days, but that's exactly what I was told by Stan at the time. Stan was working with the producers at Universal as an "adviser" (though they largely ignored him).

    I remember that we suggested the name "Bob" if for whatever reason they didn't like Bruce. In an early issue of the Hulk, Stan made a mistake and called Banner "Bob." At some point Stan (I think — could have been Roy) had explained that Banner's full name was Robert Bruce Banner, so Bob made some sense. However, Universal had an exec named Bob Banner, so that idea was squashed. I don't know how they came up with David.

  11. Defiant1,

    Don't misunderstand me. I don't care if you troll (or whatever it is you're doing), but if you are going to do it, you should it better. High-level trolling can be quite funny, but this, no.

    For the record, though, no, I am not wearing a cape. I do all of my internet posting entirely nude.

  12. Anonymous

    lol – I just see your comments regularly saying what I am thinking. Too many forums I've been on have users who want to water things down – and those who do shoot straight get shouted down

  13. Nobody knows me, but nobody seems to forget me either. 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    naw, don't block Defiant – if you look at most of his comments – he keeps things truthful and calls things like he sees them – which is rare on the Internet

  15. Anonymous

    Is this Brandy the DC Comics' Director of Public Relations? I don't really know, but her offended reaction could very easily be a game to discredit me because I have nothing nice to say about the poor quality crap DC publishes

    I am in awe. NOBODY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE, moron! You don't use your name and who would know that user name from ahole in the wall?? Who would have read any of your opinions and who would CARE?

    Public breakdowns are unfortunate. As others have said, seek help.

    "make me a martyr" — LOL. Pathetic.

    And yes, maturity would be nice "even" for a comics-related endeavor. The fact that you find the two mutually exclusive says more than anyone else ever could about you.

  16. Brandy said:
    No, I totally understood what was written. As for the intent, that was petty obvious. I just found it unfunny.
    When Defiant1 originally posted that all people named Brandy are strippers (and that all people named Bruce are homosexuals, et al) he was being sarcastic. He was making fun of people who do hold such attitudes, not writing what he actually believes himself (just as Randy Newman does not actually hate dwarves although he wrote the song "Short People"). You misunderstood that and took his comments seriously when they were not intended that way.

    In light of your misunderstanding he's apparently decided to be an ass and double down on the sarcasm, rather than simply clear up the misunderstanding. Why, I don't know. I guess because this is the internet… why bother being polite when you can show people up with your superior abilities at snark?

  17. kgaard,

    If I am a troll, why did you feed me? That seems quite counterproductive.

    Are you looking for maturity in a blog where people talk about comic books? Did you seriously just say that? Are you wearing bright colorful spandex and a cape when you say that?

    Who is Brandy that she'd be so offended? Is she really that weak minded and insecure? Her name is an EXTREMELY common name for strippers. That is an inescapable fact. I conversed with a stripper since writing my comment. She laughed and agreed with me. Even strippers are laughing at you Brandy.

    Is this Brandy the DC Comics' Director of Public Relations? I don't really know, but her offended reaction could very easily be a game to discredit me because I have nothing nice to say about the poor quality crap DC publishes today. Dan could be her coworker. None of it matters is the least to me. I'm not even interested in speculating.

    JayJay and Jim are welcome to block me or ban me. My feelings will not be hurt one way or the other. Tell them and everyone here that you personally want to make me a martyr by getting things your way. It's been done before and the last person who made that choice came back and apologized.

  18. Anonymous

    czeskleba said…
    Ah, it's classic internet chat at it's best. We have one person who has completely misunderstood the intentions/sarcasm of another and is taking offense for *absolutely no reason.*
    No, I totally understood what was written. As for the intent, that was petty obvious. I just found it unfunny. Trying to be "ironic" by demeaning others as a form of humor isn't sarcasm, by the way. There are better ways to get your point across.

    @kgaard – I said my piece and do not engage with morons, as you can see, and thanks for the advice.

  19. Anonymous

    Actually, I think "Larry Banner" has quite a nice ring to it.

  20. Anonymous

    I liked Mort's whole LL gimmick with the Superman family…

  21. Neil said:
    Yeah, Stan loved alliteration, we all know. But would non comic book fans know that?
    Well, Kenneth Johnson clearly did. And it's not just Stan that used lots of alliterative names: Lois Lane, Archie Andrews, Richie Rich… there's lots of examples. I would venture to say the percentage of alliteratively-named people in comics is far higher than in real life, and I think most people are aware of that. If there was only objection to the name "Bruce" then why didn't they simply make him "Bob Banner"?

  22. Anonymous


    I called up MHC the minute I saw the email you reprinted here Jim, ordered a mid-grade Action# 381 and blammo; can't wait to get it. As an aside, I don't usually make cases for people who I believe have more dough than I do, but Chuck Rozanski provides an excellent service and has done so for longer than I've been sucking air. His Mile High newsletters are a phenomenal accounting of the man and are essentially free entertainment in an email box clogged with $hit, and unlike my old lady, the worst thing Chuck ever asks of me is: (Surprise! Surprise!) To buy more comics! My pleasure Chuck! My compliments on your excellent taste in charity Mr. Shooter, if you do nothing else for humanity for the next couple of years, we still have this; thank you. By the way, I hope it was as much fun as it sounded like it was going to be.

    Everyone else (off-color/off-topic):

    I hope you guys donated to the blog today, I'd somehow feel more copacetic about reading these things if I knew that someone was getting paid to provide you with a forum for some of the more irrelevant and rancorous stuff. Pick up the phone and call your therapists, please… Or say some of these things to real people so you can so you can get a much more refined idea of what you say to others makes them feel. Who knows, maybe you'll get your noses broken.

  23. Ah, it's classic internet chat at it's best. We have one person who has completely misunderstood the intentions/sarcasm of another and is taking offense for *absolutely no reason.* And we have another person who's decided that since he was misunderstood, the best course of action is to relentlessly bait the misunderstanding party to demonstrate how superior he is and how stupid she is. Cool!

  24. Dan! I feel so enlightened by your reply! I'm going to approach the world with a new set of eyes so I can be and think just like you!!!

  25. Defiant1, The problem is that your joke here on the one hand makes you sound really, really old (Bruce is a gay name hasn't been a thing since, like, the '80s) but at the same time really, really immature (jokes about people's names is the sort of thing most people tire of by high school). That's not a good combination; I get that it's a low-level form of trolling, but it's a particularly desperate one.

    Also, the idea that other people getting angry makes you laugh because it's a form of "weakness" is pretty textbook antisocial personality disorder. You might want to see a therapist about that.

    Brandy–at the same time, he's not entirely wrong. Trolls (logically) feed off of emotional responses. Better to ignore it.

  26. Dan

    Defiant1, this is not the place for your tasteless behavior.

    Please stop polluting Mr. Shooter's blog.

  27. Anonymous


    I loved that song when I was a kid!!

    Brandy (a fine girl)

  28. Anonymous


    Yeah, Stan loved alliteration, we all know. But would non comic book fans know that?


  29. Anonymous

    If it's any consolation, I really like that song "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass.


  30. How long have you been a stripper Brandy?
    I know of a comic creator that married a stripper. You should not be ashamed of your choices in life. Strippers are people with emotions and feelings just like the rest of us. You make it sound like you are less than human. You do count as a person. We accept you.

  31. Neil said:I really don't think "Bruce Banner" is any more comic booky than "Barnaby Jones", "Cannon", or "Baretta".
    Is there any genre where you come across more alliteratively-named characters than super-hero comics? Particularly, super-hero comics written by Stan Lee? I think it's entirely credible that the producers would consider "Bruce Banner" to be too comic-booky sounding.

  32. Anonymous

    To Neil,

    YES, I get that Defiant didn't mean anything against me, personally. Obviously he's never met me or heard of me. However, when you do something stupid in the name of "humor" — like attacking everyone with the same first name and calling them a stripper — you can't really be surprised when a representative of that group says, "Well, that's unfair and offensive." No matter how many disclaimers you put before it saying that your offensive comment is, really, NOT meant to be offensive.


  33. Anonymous

    All men named Neil are faggots.
    All men named Cletus are niggers.
    No offense intended, just stating facts.

    Brandy, not angry

  34. You are correct Neil. It should be stated that I'm not going to stop a person from wanting to be a victim. It amuses me too much. Me and my coworkers insult each other all day then grade the quality of the insult afterwards. Anger makes me laugh. I view it as a sign of weakness. I do have to pretend to be angry because people sometimes don't believe me when I'm serious.

  35. Anonymous

    I think Defiant1 was only making a joke. He wasn't attacking anyone personally.

    Back when Stan was talking about the name change, I don't think he used the word "homosexual". If I remember right, he used the term "swish". You've gotta love the 70's! I'm sure the producer didn't want to admit the reason for the name change. I really don't think "Bruce Banner" is any more comic booky than "Barnaby Jones", "Cannon", or "Baretta".


  36. BTW, I prefer to be called a-hole… but douche is fine also.

  37. Good luck on the tips!

  38. Anonymous

    'invited'?? You make a post making fun of my name and when offense is taken you threaten to do it again because I'm asking for it?

    I won't be wasting any more time on a douche like you, Defiant.

    Nice. Nice comment section you run here, Mr. Shooter.


  39. You've actually invited me to offend you again. Never tell someone what pisses you off.

  40. Anonymous

    Defiant1 wrote: "All women named "Brandy" are strippers (or will be). Not trying to offend anyone, just stating the facts."

    Well you managed to offend me, but comic book reading men make it a habit. Shut the FUCK up now.

    Brandy, named after my mother who was mudered when I was 13.

  41. If anyone is interested, I have a painted page from Magnus 0 on eBay right now along with a few other things.

    Original Color Art from VALIANT Comics Magnus Robot Fighter 0 by Janet Jackson

  42. Dear all,

    I just woke up and read the latest e-mail from Mile High Comics' mailing list.

    A nice tip: Those who have not already taken advantage of the offer of ordering autographed Jim Shooter items through Mile High's website, may be interested in today's offer of a free autographed copy of either Good Guys #1 or Warriors of Plasm #1 (they're offering 99 copies of each) with a $20 purchase or a free autographed copy of Magnus Robot Fighter #0 (!) with a $50 purchase (49 copies).

    For me, as one of many big Shooter-era Valiant fans, Magnus #0 is pretty much the holy grail. However, I think I have exhausted the "Christmas gifts for myself" budget with my order of (among a few other non-autographed items) autographed Magnus #1 and Star Brand #1 (one of my all-time favourite series) a day and a half ago. 🙁

    To those of you going to see Jim today: I'm envious! It's a pretty heavy drive from Norway to Denver, so I don't think I'll be able to make it…

    P.S. I'm sorry. The word "free" is actually spelled "FREE!", isn't it? 🙂

  43. IIRC I read the story about Kenneth Johnson thinking alliterative names were too comic booky in an interview with him in the late 70's, so he's been telling that story consistently for years.

  44. Although this Anonymous posting in the comments section of a Comic Book Urban Legends article (dated July 29, 2006) suggests the alliterative names reason is the actual one:

    At this years San Diego Comicon, Kenneth Johnson, the creator of the Hulk TV series, said that he switched the name from Bruce to David because he hated allitirative names which he felt were too “comic booky”. Someone in the audience brought up Stan’s version of the story (that the name Bruce was too “wimpy” to which Kenny replied, “Well, that’s Stan’s story.”

  45. Every time I've seen Stan Lee speak out on Banner's name change, he says something along the lines of "the producers thought the name Bruce was a homosexual name". Of course Stan's pretty good at spinning a story, and once he comes up with one he usually sticks to it.

  46. Banner's name was changed to "David" in the TV series because the producers thought alliterative names sounded too comic booky. It had nothing to do with supposed homosexual connotations in the name Bruce. If anything, Bruces tend to be extremely homophobic (see rules number 1, 3, 5, and 7).

  47. "Bruce" is definitely a homosexual name. At least that's what I tell my brother-in-law of the same name. I worked with a guy named "Pat" years ago. He has a girl's name. People named "John" are named after a toilet. All women named "Brandy" are strippers (or will be). Not trying to offend anyone, just stating the facts.

  48. I seem to always end up with comics signed by Jim even though I've never met him. Hmmm! Either Jim signed them or someone named "Shoop" has done it.

  49. Anonymous

    Didn't CBS change Bruce Banner's name to David Banner in the TV series because they thought it sounded too homosexual? Maybe I'm missing something but how is the name "Bruce" homosexual?


  50. Have a great time in Denver.

  51. Gary,

    Is that the tale with the Bruce Stays at YMCA scene?

    I thought Jim's defense/rationale of the scene in question made sense at the time. (Bruce's reaction being about the attempted act of force, not who the attackers were.)

    Still does.

  52. Hmm, I feel comfortably outside the norm having had you sign "Disco Hulk!" (The Hulk! magazine #23–with the controversial tale by Jim & John Buscema–to those not in the know.)

    And two legends gone in one day? Joe Simon & Eduardo Barretto, you are missed.


  53. Jim,

    Just heard about the passing of Joe Simon. Any Joe Simon stories for us, to celebrate the memory of the co-creator of Captain America?

  54. Asked to sign Secret Wars books? Uh oh! 🙂

  55. Probably, I'm asked to sign Secret Wars books the most, but I get a lot of other Marvel books, too. I get a lot of VALIANT books. I don't get many 1960's DC books except for my early Legion of Super-Heroes. I suspect that's because there weren't any credits in those books.

  56. Tom Field


    Just curious: What comic(s) are you asked to sign most frequently?

    Flip side: What are you rarely asked to sign?

    safe travels,


  57. Anonymous

    Just heard Joe Simon and Ed Barreto have passed away 🙁

  58. Anonymous

    The funny thing is, that cover is kind of a riff on the Neal Adams chain-breaking cover

  59. Anonymous

    On that cover, looks like poor Supes recently had a shot of botox. Must have used a kryptonite needle.

  60. "not directly related to Mr. Shooter, but that Superman cover looks terrible. "


    Why the frak are so many covers SO terrible these days? Life's eternal mystery…

  61. In deep negotiations with the wife 🙂

  62. JasonF

    That's all well and good, but when are you coming back to Chicago!?!

    Kidding aside, have fun in Denver!

  63. I met Chuck for the first time a year ago or so. I coaxed him to tell me about the Mile High copy of Wonder Woman #1 which is a pretty cool story. It's never resurfaced since it originally sold.

  64. InoMorthnu

    not directly related to Mr. Shooter, but that Superman cover looks terrible.

  65. I just ordered two comics online. Can't wait to get them.

  66. Anonymous

    Wish I could be there but I can't. I hope it goes well for you all the same, Jim. You run a great blog and you seem like a nice guy.


  67. Short notice, but I hope to see you there… gah, now I have to figure out what to have you sign…

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