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VCS Seven Project

JayJay here. The VALIANT Collector’s Society asked me to make an announcement…

They have organized a special project of 100 Seven issue 1 comics signed by Jim Shooter, and several other creators who worked on the books, combined with a signed printout of issue 2, a CD with issue 2 in PDF format, a plot overview, character dossiers and much more extra stuff. And a COA from the VALIANT Collector’s Society.

This special package is a benefit to help support this blog and to finance the Unity 2000 project. I’m helping organize and finalize the project and I’m also working on coloring the unpublished Unity 2000 issues. It should be a very interesting and fun thing.

Here are the details for the Seven Project on the VCS forum:


I’ve got a list a few posts down on the forum of everyone who has signed up. Message me or email me if you have questions.


The Doctorow Doctrine and Other Techno-Tectonic Upheavals โ€“ Part 3


The Dramatic Conclusion of the New Business Model Rant


  1. Anonymous


  2. Jim Shooter…why have you forsaken us…?

  3. Anonymous

    [MikeAnon:] If you're on Twitter, make sure to follow @JamesCShooter — Mr. Shooter tweets whenever he's got a new blog entry (and on rare other occasions)! [–MikeAnon]

  4. Anonymous

    With every major gap in posts, readers are lost.

  5. Watched a news report of the "Jet Blue" pilot going nuts in mid-air between New York and Las Vegas, forcing an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas.

    One interesting point was the role of "crew" and "customers" in subduing the mad pilot. In that context, the "customers" have a clear expectation that they will have a safe journey from point of departure until arrival. It's the exception to the rule when this safe journey is put into disarray by circumstances. Fortunately, the best solution was for a trained "crew" able to adapt to circumstances, and a "customer" base able to step in where needed.

    I bet Jim has some interesting stories of meltdowns, which as the previous example, are much less horrifying in retrospect.

    Any decent business "operation" allows a well-trained "crew" to accommodate the needs of its "customers." The above demonstrates the need of a competent crew, and although many may aspire to be part of the crew, it takes good training, and a capable team, who know what is in the best interests of its customers, and puts that first.

    Best of luck, for a safe journey to continue.
    Chris Hlady,
    Winnipeg, MB

  6. ja

    I've donated to the blog, and I'm happy to have done so.

    My budget is incredibly tight, as I don't get the steady flow of freelance work that I would like. I'm also trying to survive on the shitty amount of money I make. However, whenever I get a couple of jobs bunched together again, I'll donate more at that time. I wish I could do more.

    I've learned so much from this blog. I've also enjoyed all the stories from Jim Shooter's experiences and viewpoints. This blog has become an important pit stop for me, and I appreciate Jim Shooter and JayJay Jackson very much.

    They deserve whatever support (in the way of donations to this blog) they can get.

  7. Whatever, Steve.

  8. Chris, perhaps you should improve your trolling technique if you want this segment of the comics community to spend more time talking about you.

  9. Geez, Steve. That's the most boring and useless comment ever. Well, maybe not ever but it is boring and useless.

    Have you got anything remotely interesting to say?

  10. Yeah, I wondered why Chris bothered commenting as well. What's the point in someone proclaiming why they don't tip? Just…don't tip.

    Jim and JayJay, thanks for everything you've done to keep this blog going! I'll be reading every post (and re-reading the old ones!)

  11. I sure wish I had a knack for making money, but alas, seldom a concern, besides earning my measly pay check to cover the bills.

    Now, this "VCS Seven Project" holds zippo interest for me. Just saying. Which leads me to wonder why I'm commenting here.

    I suppose there are many kinds of capital and value, although some people consider only the greenbacks. I suppose, if people were impressed enough with me, to give me money, paypalling me at chris.hlady@gmail.com, I'd be willing to share the wealth with Jim and JayJay. No problem.

    The thing is, my cash, right now, is survival, and needs to be spent wisely. The comic community, in general, is important enough to me, that it gets my time and attention. If people don't like even that, they're certainly not getting my cash.

    But it just might be a fact of the digital age. If this blog became inactive, or even disappeared, I'd be disappointed, but the fact is, people move on, and we can only count our blessings for that community which remains, wherever it remains.

  12. hey, each of Jim's columns are worth the money it costs to buy a comic.

    Pony up people.

  13. Well, Jim does have to make a living. Maybe he and JayJay are serious about that whole PayPal donation thing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. What Craig said.

  15. JayJay,

    Jim's been exceptionally quiet and posts have been rare of late.

    Is everything okay with the big guy? Is it just a busy schedule, or do we need to let some good thoughts dwell on him?

  16. Sadly, all of the characters Jim created at VALIANT, DEFIANT and Broadway are owned by companies.

  17. All of the Unity 2000 black and white art was done. Jim Starlin drew it from Jim's plot. And it was inked, it just needs to be colored. I was planning to color the unfinished issues 4, 5 and 6 and script issue 6, but that's a lot of coloring and my schedule is already pretty full, so we are talking about having some friends help color. No ETA yet, but hopefully we can get the project funded a little bit, since just making a living has been way more difficult and taken way more of my time the past couple of years than it ever has before.

  18. Anonymous

    I'd love to see some more defiant stuff so schism would be cool to get finished. Does Jim still own those characters (as well as those from the broadway line?)

    Where is the unity 2000 project at. in terms of being complete. Are we talking months/ a year/ or years! away. Want to keep my enthusiasm in check. I assume that as you are still to script it that means you will need to find an artist to help complete it also?

  19. Well, info about the Unity 2000 project should be appearing on the VCS forum, but we should definitely start a mailing list for interested parties. How about anyone that is interested send your email address to me here: unity@epicobjects.com

    I'll keep track and send out info. When there is any. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Schism is one I would love to finish as well. It would be a bit harder since the art for that was less finished. I think the second issue was only penciled. But the plot is terrific and I was starting to script the series when we ceased pub.

    I figured I would try to script the last issue of the Unity 2000 series since I thought I'd be able to get some inside info from the original writer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Anonymous

    Thanks for the info JAYJAY. Sounds like a great idea and I will look forward to seeing it when it is finished.

    Thats great you are scripting the last issue and they are raising funds to get it finished.

    I know exactly what you mean about those "life-type" problems mind you :o)

  21. Anonymous

    Oh and many thanx to JayJay for doing this, way kool!

  22. Anonymous

    How does one sign up to get the Unity 2000 when its complete…and is there any chance of a similar project for Schism? I understand most of the art exists for it, Ive wanted to read that story for nearly two decades….

  23. A while back the guys on the VALIANT Collector's Society message board got together and undertook a massive project… to collect printable/colorable reproductions of every unpublished page of Unity 2000. Some of the pages were discovered as far away as Australia! Their idea was to finish it and print up a very limited number of collected copies of the series.

    Since I'm friends with several of the forum members and occasionally post in my section of the forum, I got involved to color it and script the last issue. I started on it but it's a huge amount of work and in the past year or so, life-type problems have gotten in the way of working on the project, but we all want to finish it. It's not an official publication, just a fan project to recover the unpublished issues of the Unity 2000 mini series. Kind of an archeological adventure. But a pretty cool one. Raiders of the Lost Pages. lol.

    That's what I know. I'm sorry if I am mistaken on any of that. VCS members chime in?

  24. Anonymous

    I understand what that the unity 2000 project is an attempt by the valiant collector society to complete the unity 2000 mini series. But I couldnt really find any other info on the project past that. Who is involved in it? would it be published officially? etc can anyone point me to this info on the web.


  25. You'd better believe I'm ready for a Unity 2000 kickstarter-esque project!

  26. Anonymous,

    You are truly a disgusting pervert to keep saying that…. and I admire you for it.

  27. Anonymous

    Once again, are you kidding with that logo? SEMEN. I can't be the only person that sees this.

  28. I'm hoping to test the waters of crowdfunding with a project soon. I believe the potential is there and I'd like to prove it.

  29. Awesome idea. I read the Unity 2000 script and have the first three issues. I'd love to see the rest of the story in print. You guys should do something like this every week if it would help you publish more of your own comics.

    How about the two of you publishing an internet comic? Paul Creddick could do the artwork. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Anonymous

    "This special package is a benefit to help support this blog and to finance the Unity 2000 project. I'm helping organize and finalize the project and I'm also working on coloring the unpublished Unity 2000 issues."

    Speaking of which, here is a link to "Joe Petrilak's VALIANT Era Online" website that has the complete 49 page Unity 2000 plot as a .pdf file in Adobe Acrobat:


  31. We have you on the list. And the others who had paid previously, too.

  32. The owner of the site is handling the order for me. If there is any confusion or concerns, just let him know.

    I do know these are first come, first served. If anyone wants more than one… don't be shy.

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