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Happy Holidays

To anyone reading this and all ships at sea,

Merry Christmas or happy whichever holiday(s) may apply.

Thanks for the mostly kind attention and support you graciously gave me back when I had time to blog. And, thank you to the justifiably cranky folks who chimed in when the occasion called for it.  Blogging was fun and I’ll do it again someday if I can ever get my ducks lined up.

The Year of Storms is almost over.  May next year bring comfort and joy for all.

Whatever your conception of the gestalt of existence, I mean this sincerely, to each in his or her own way: God bless us every one.

Be well,
Jim Shooter

PS.  JayJay here. I’d like to add my holiday wishes to you all and thank you very much for everything!


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  1. Hi Jim, I just read your interview on AlterEgo #137. It was fantastic! It got me hooked from page one. What a great story!

  2. I know this blog hasn't been updated in quite a while, but Merry Christmas Jim!

  3. Is this blog done with or will there be new entries? Hi Jim, I once worked for you briefly at Defiant for like 4 illustrations and I believe only 2 were used. One was an ad for the Upcoming crossover event at the time , Schism I believe, the other a double page spread of Tiny's garage in Prudence and Caution #1.
    My question, I was just reading the article about Secret Wars. Is it posible for any comics company to take an old story and have new artwork done based on a slightly modified story? Would people be butthurt by this if it was possible? I didn't like Zecks work on Secret Wars.Don't know if the sloppy artwork was his fault or the inkers. But a story like that would still be cool if done by say Steve McNiven or Olivier Copiel or Stuart Immonen(sp) Even Jim Lees stiff cardboard cutout drawings of today would make the story work. Just a thought. Roy

  4. It's been nearly two years since the last blog post here – dare we hope that it resumes sometime soon?

  5. This blog is a wonderful experience, thansk Jim! There are SO MANY other stories to be told, though (the "queue") that I hope with all my heart that you'll find time to get back to blogging at some point! In the meantime I wish you the best things in life!!!

  6. Jim,

    I love reading your blog, and hope you start up again at some point.

  7. Hi Jim,

    Right now I'm reading "American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1980s" and I'm enjoying all the quotes you've provided. It brings a smile to my face seeing some of these blog stories referenced, too.

  8. Hey. i just write to say that I have recently read your Solar comic from Drak Horse and I have enjoyed it inmensenly. I hope you write new comic and that I can buy them sooner rather than later.

  9. Man, I really miss Jim's blog updates.

  10. Dear Mr. Shooter,
    I know you are all about smart comics and you write science based characters well. I just wanted to point out to you a graphic novel I read, which was about scientist. The book is Suspended In Language by Jim Ottaviani. It's heady stuff, it's more like a biography of Niels Bohr's life than a comic. But, it's very well done and I just wanted to point out some other smart science comics.

  11. I had not been aware of this blog until now. I only found out about it when I was googling myself which led me to a comment on the "Righting the Ship – Part Three" post from July 11, 2011. I was stunned to find someone quoting one of my posts from nearly 30 years ago on usenet. I guess the internet does keep things forever! Peace, all! John Kenneth Riviere

  12. Van GoghX…
    I have not read those… I will get those right now! Thanks for letting me know.

  13. @Captain Science:
    Have you read Shooter's original run at Valiant? Those are *gold*! I'd stop reading them after he left, but that's me.

  14. Mr. Shooter,

    I just finished reading your series of Dr. Solar. I just wanted to say that I thought it was FANTASTIC! I is by far the best Sci-Fi Superhero comic I've read. I just wish there was more than just 8 issues. I'm a big science geek/nerd and you writing really hit the spot in how you folded in explaining the science concepts.
    Is there anyway you could start the series up again? It was SO good! I'll be looking out for any other sci-fi characters you write from here on out.

  15. Always a fan of your body of work. If you're interested I'd promote any of your projects on my site bloggerdise.com (header banner and all for free)

    Here's a NY post article about us…

    Let me know.

    Jesse @ bloggerdise dotcom

  16. Here's something weird–the mall closest to where I just moved has a candy vending machine in it that only dispenses trading cards from the eighties and nineties–including PLASM.

  17. Jim,

    I just exchanged emails a couple of days with a Hollywood producer who produced one of Tom Cruise's movies. Evidently an ex-coworker and friend from high school moved on to bigger and better things. Is it worth me putting your name and talent on the person's radar? From everything I hear about Hollywood, they are a fickle bunch. Don't want to break any Hollywood protocols for discovering viable talent and/or projects.

  18. Just found this 2007 boig post
    Vince Colletta phone conversation.
    A few days after Marvel fired Jim, Vince Colletta spoke with an anonymous Marvel employee (or freelancer).
    The fifth and last commenter claims to have been there and calls it
    "A few good facts sprinkled in, much time-line shifting here and there plus a little too much self-serving and outright confabulation. But it is pure Vinnie "

    I would love to hear Jim's reaction to this transcript.

  19. Reading your blog was well worth my time, and if you choose to again, I'll be there. Much success to you, Sir.

  20. Jim,

    I very much enjoyed your blog and appreciate the script and treatment samples you so generously provided.

    Here's looking forward to some sort of update every so often, and maybe a book (or two) about your days in the comic book trenches.

  21. I am late with this message but I wish you and Jay Jay the best! I loved your blog and I hope to see you back soon.

  22. Blogging: you did it wrong.

    Better luck next time.

  23. p.s. That link that Troy posted is fantastic, as if that Fantastic Four as The Great American Novel one that Mark posted – bookmarked both and am making my way through them. Great stuff!

  24. Allow me to add my voice to chorus of "Happy Holidays" and "Nice to hear from ya!"

    May 2013 be fruitful and warm.

  25. Thanks Troy. That was a good historical account.

  26. Agreed about the link Troy posted. While I still read Marvel comics I consider your era as Marvel's editor in chief to be Marvel's true golden era and the article is insightful in how it demonstrates the strengths of your tenure and how it addresses many of the criticisms.

  27. Hi Jim (and fellow blog readers),

    You might enjoy this reassessment of your tenure as EIC at Marvel: http://hoodedutilitarian.com/2013/01/jim-shooter-a-second-opinion-part-one-the-best-job-he-can/

  28. Happy new year to you both! Hope you both had a great Christmas!

  29. Happy New Year Jim and JayJay!

  30. It's 2013 already but what the heck: best wishes to you Jim and Jay Jay! Great to hear from you and thank you for all the blogs you posted here. I enjoyed them tremendously, as a (Dutch) journalist writing about comics and as a fanboy from back in the day. If you ever get round to answering again, I was wondering what your thoughts are on Sean Howe's book on Marvel Comics, especially when it comes to his description of your time at Marvel. All the best, Michael Minneboo

  31. Happy New Year.
    May you see past problems for the lessons they were, current issues for the opportunities they are, and future challenges by their terrified expressions as they run away from you.

  32. In whatever way you recognize the mysteries and magic of the universe;
    by whatever name, shape, colour or rhythm you choose to acknowledge
    the greater aspects around yourself … bless you and yours.

    Regards, Wayne

  33. Awww we missed you ya big lug !

  34. Merry Christmas holiday here too. Let me also thank Jim very much for a reply he gave for a query I posted here last year. I wish I could've responded earlier, but I too tend to be very busy with some of my own projects. I hope you're doing well with whatever you're currently working on, and thanks again.

  35. merry christmas and good luck in the new year!
    hopefully 2013 will see some new comics being published from you

  36. merry christmas and good luck in the new year!
    hopefully 2013 will see some new comics being published from you

  37. Happy Holiday Big Jim and JJ!

    Hey JJ, me and atleast one other person on the Valiant Collector's Board have been trying to get in touch with you on the Seven fan project.

  38. Dear Jim,

    Glad and relieved to see you back on your blog, if only briefly!

    I found this post just now while looking for your account of how you juggled writing and high school.

    It is good to see not only you and JayJay again, but also the regular commenters. It's been so long. I didn't know you had published The Omega Point. Perfect reading for Omega Day (tomorrow)!

    PS: Happy to see Chris Tolworthy here; happier still to see his site on Marvel and the Fantastic Four in particular continue to grow.

  39. Season's Greetings, Mr. Shooter and Ms. Jackson.

    I was glad to see your post and hope circumstances allow for more in the future. I'll keep looking!

  40. A kind surprise to seeyour post Jim. I think it tells a lot about your writing here, that more than half year after you left people still look back hoping for some news from you. Happy holidays, hope you do well! 🙂

  41. Happy Holidays, Jim and JJ!

    Hope to see you bak to blogging (and, with luck, to comics) soon.

  42. Dear Jim,
    Merry Christmas. Thanks for being so generous with your time, in answering so many queries(new ones keep springing to mind, though!) The more popular the blog got, by the end, there were so many entries, each evening, it was like marking a class full of English Lit exam papers, each night. Eventually, your eyes start swimming; your brain scrambles; then, you need a break to give yourself time to regroup. Moreover, you were giving very detailed replies (which required close reading, so as not to misunderstand people), and were doing it for free! We quite understand that you needed a break; and very much appreciate all that you did for FREE. Again, thanks very much, for being so generous with your time. I hope for your new job, Hollywood has woken up, and has got you working as an adviser on Avengers 2 (if they haven't they ought to!). The scene with Iron Man realizing he'd absorbed Thor's lightning bolt, as his power output increased to 400%, suggests the writers were reading your blog. Maybe they even glanced at War On The Gods! I still think your run on the Avengers has never been matched. Korvac would be too long for a single movie, but would work well in an Avengers TV series. Nefaria, however, would be an excellent length, for a third Avengers movie. Merry Christmas to JJ, too.

  43. Happy whichever holiday to yourself, Jim! Great to know that you're hanging in there and that you thought of us, your sensational sack of Shooter sycophants during this snowy season.

    I wonder, Jim, if you're like me in that it often feels like something's not worth doing if you can't give it your all. But even if you can't devote the time to this blog that you used to, I'm sure many of us do think it would be worthwhile to hear you chime in, say, every month or so with an update on your life or whatever you wanted to talk about.

    Whatever it is that's keeping you busy these days, I hope it's keeping you happy as well. Best wishes and best of luck to you.

  44. Fantastic to hear from you, Jim. Good to hear you sounding in good spirits, and to understand it has been a year of storms. Wishing you all the best in 2013, and beyond.

    PS to JayJay: All the best to you, as well. Happy New Year.

  45. Fantastic to hear from you, Jim. Good to hear you sounding in good spirits, and to understand it has been a year of storms. Wishing you all the best in 2013, and beyond.

    PS to JayJay: All the best to you, as well. Happy New Year.

  46. Dear Jim and Jay Jay,

    Happy Holidays and nothing but the best wishes to both of you. I'll be anxiously awaiting the return of the blog when time permits!

  47. Jim & JJ,

    Where have you both been – the blogosphere has seriously missed you?

    What are you both up to these days – fans want to now?

  48. Mr. Shooter and Ms. Jackson:

    Thank you for a great blog and the nice surprise of your Christmas tidings. I hope it is portents of more bloggings to come.

    All the best to yours and you now and throughout the New Year.



  49. Kid

    A very Merry Christmas to you and Jay Jay, Jim – and your respective families. Glad to hear that you're being kept busy.

  50. Merry Christmas, Jim & JayJay!

  51. Happy Christmas! And thanks to Google for auto-completing the letter "j" and making me check this blog one more time.

  52. Happy Holidays to you, Jim and JayJay, and to everyone else!

  53. Thank you for posting. I've missed reading your posts, both enlightening and entertaining. All the best to Jim and Jay Jay, and to all a good night.
    Happy Holidays
    Chris C

  54. welcome back, folks!
    may 2013 see more of you.

  55. Jim! Hope everything is ok on your side, your blog was a joy to read and I hope you can continue it regularly some day.

  56. Merry Christmas, Mr. Shooter.

    Merry Christmas, Ms. Jackson.

    God bless you both.

  57. Happy holidays Jim and Jay Jay but…bring back the blog! For an old school Marvel fan these were the best reads ever. Talk about amazing stories. And so glad you got your side of many issues out there. Even if you only throw out an occasional paragraph about this or that comic, character, or situation, we want more!

    Thanks for the good times, old and new.

  58. Happy holidays to both Jim and Jay Jay! Hope you have a wonderful christmas, and very best wishes to you for the new year! 🙂

  59. I find your blog after it had already closed, Mr. Shooter, but found it absolutely fascinating. Like many here, I read comics primarily during your time as Marvel EIC. Thank you for the good times during my younger days.

    Merry Christmas to you and JJ and the other readers.

  60. Merry Christmas To You Mr.Shooter and Jay Jay !

    WOW ! this is like an early christmas gift to finally hear from you!
    Hope all is well with both of you and your families.
    Ive never posted on your site before but always made sure I read every day, I still keep checking to see if and when you will re-appear.
    It was as if you had fallen of the face of the earth , could not find word one on any appearance at comic convention or on any site .
    Wish you well in all your future endeavors!!!
    Once again Merry Christmas!!!

  61. Thanks for the post – keep us updated on your doings, if possible!

  62. Holy crap, he's alive!!! =(8-O

    Well, Happy Holidays to you too.


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