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FCBD Signing Tour

JayJay here. I wanted to mention that Jim and J.C. Vaughn are doing a signing tour of three stores next Saturday on Long Island. So if you are around next weekend, come on out!

Scoop – FCBD Shooter, Vaughn Triple Signing on Long Island

Panel at the New York Comic Con Sunday

Jim will be on a panel at the New york Comic Con this weekend.

Screen Future: Gaming, Comics and TV Around the World and Five Years From Now

Date: Sunday, October 16
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Location: 1A15

Brian David Johnson, Craig Engler, Jim Shooter

Join moderator Brian David Johnson, Intel Futurist and author of
“Screen Future,” along with industry luminaries Craig Engler (senior
executive, Syfy channel) and Jim Shooter (legendary creator, Dark Horse
Comics), as they discuss the digital future of entertainment. The
conversation spans Bollywood to the comic con show floor regarding how
and what digital entertainment you’ll likely be enjoying five years from
now. Learn about how people, technology, and economics are shaping the
evolution of entertainment and smart TV. Expand your knowledge of the
technology influencing our rapidly changing world.  

Jim Shooter NYCC

The New York Comic Con

Science, Fiction, Friends and Formidable Minds

There was a guy with a bullhorn directing the crowd headed toward the Jacob Javits Center, endlessly repeating: “Ticket holders, green entrance! Picking up tickets, yellow entrance!” He noticed me among the throng—I’m easy to notice in a crowd, as would be Lurch or Chewbacca.

Actually, come to think of it, those two probably wouldn’t stand out much in that crowd. Anyway, he noticed me, and through the bullhorn blasted, “Good morning, Mr. Shooter!”

My welcome to NY Comic Con 2011.  : )

NYCC Panel – Screen Future: Gaming, Comics and TV Around the World and Five Years From Now

JayJay here. On Sunday, we went to the New York Comic Con see the panel Jim was a part of, Screen Future, with Brian David Johnson (Intel Futurist and author of “Screen Future”), Craig Engler (senior executive, Syfy channel) and Cory Doctorow (sci-fi author and blogger on Boing, Boing). Freddy filmed the panel and I’ve uploaded the video (all 6 parts) to YouTube, so settle back, grab some popcorn and kill the better part of an hour in the future. ; )

Mile High Comics Appearance

I’m going to be signing at Chuck Rozanski’s new Mile High Comics Mega-Store this Saturday. I don’t often do signings and conventions anymore, but Chuck has been a good friend for over 30 years. He asked me to help out with his Christmas Season event at his new store and I couldn’t let him down.  He’s helped me out many times and never let me down.

This is an excerpt from the Mile High Comics Newsletter, December 7th:

Jim Shooter Will Autograph Comics For You!


Big news this morning, as I have a tentative agreement with comics legend, Jim Shooter, to sign autographs for fans at next week’s Christmas Gift Auction at our new Jason St. Mega-Store! We do still have to work out the travel arrangements, but presuming that we can make all the logistics work, Jim will be signing autographs for us at Jason St. next Saturday (December 17th), from 10 AM -3 PM. There will be an initial limit of 3 free autographs per person in line, but once we get everyone through the line at least once, we will let folks get back in line. Having Jim Shooter visit us here in Denver again will be great fun! Jim was last here in 1992, when he helped us open our first Mega-Store, in Thornton…

In case you missed my earlier announcements, our December 17th Jason St. sale will be focused on providing those who can attend the sale with a huge spectrum of last-minute stocking stuffer gifts. We have several thousand action figures available, racks full of T-shirts, pins, buttons, posters, collectible cards, plush toys, Star Trek and Star Wars collectibles, and a huge selection of rare Disney items. My goal on the 17th will be to help everyone find perfect last-minute gifts from our immense new store. I will also be hosting one of my world-famous 1,000 item no-minimum-bid auction that day, with at least 500 cool gift items among the offerings. Join us at Jason St. a week from this Saturday and I promise you that you will fill your entire holiday shopping list, at wonderful bargain prices.

For those of you who cannot attend the sale in person, I have a special Jim Shooter autograph offer. Buy any comic book, graphic novel, or magazine written or edited by Jim from our website this week and you can ask for it to be signed by Jim for only $2 per item! Jim has agreed to sign up to 500 items for us, with the $2 signing fees going to help defray his travel costs Denver. If you would like to participate in this unique autograph offer, just place your order for Jim Shooter items via our website, and then let us know which comics/books you liked signed in the “notes” section for them to be autographed. For each item you wish autographed, please order a Jim Shooter Signed Item Fee. We will then have Jim sign them for you. Each Jim Shooter book that you have signed will come with a small certificate of authenticity with the date, and the Mile High Comics logo. Even if you cannot attend the Jason St. sale in person on the 17th, this still gives you a way to have comics signed by Jim! All Jim Shooter autographed items will ship on Monday, December 19th.

Mile High Times

Friday afternoon, Chuck Rozanski picked me up at the Denver International Airport. My trip from Newark Liberty had been the usual ordeal. Maybe a little more so. I had to go through one of those full body scans. I’m sure the scan-pic will be on the web soon, so anyone so bored as to be wondering whether it’s boxers or briefs will know. We were held at the gate for a while because the aircraft maintenance people had to change a lightbulb. I guess it was an important one. So, we were late taking off and late arriving.

Therefore, Chuck had a long wait for me. As he was hanging around outside the secured area, he noticed a lot of military people also sort of hanging around. They had on camo pants and boots, but on top wore loose sweaters. All of them. No weapons showing. But these people weren’t just passing through on their way somewhere, they were on duty. Eagle-eyed Chuck also noticed TSA types scattered about, Denver and State Police here and there and people in civvies who were people-watching with intensity.
The Watchers noticed Chuck noticing them. A group of Watchers, trying to be discreet and failing, sort of surrounded him.
Then I showed up and we went on our way. Chuck pointed out the Watchers as we left. Wow. Was there a terrorist threat? Or was it just Christmas/holiday season precautions?

Sex and Drugs – Part 2

First This

Commenter Rio Herrera clued me in about the two talented creators I met at the signing at Chuck Rozanski’s Mile High Comics Mega-store in Denver.


They are, far right, Scotlyn Xing Xin Bedford and far left, a young man who introduced himself to me as Phil. Rio also heard him called Phil. The Mile High Newsletter identifies him as Cory Watts, so I’m still not sure.
The guy in the white shirt is Chuck, and the looming ogre is me, of course.
But anyway, the property these two gentlemen were representing is called Ximphonia. You can find out more about Ximphonia and their other creative works on the Dreaming Symphonic-Beauty Empire website. Here’s a link:
Scot and Phil had a table near where Chuck stationed me. They drew quite a crowd—in fact, when I had a brief break and went over to see what all the fuss was about, I couldn’t get near enough to see.  At the end when things were calmer, I finally did get to talk to them and they were, indeed, as mentioned above, gentlemen. Very smart and talented gentlemen. I wish them well.

VCS Seven Project

JayJay here. The VALIANT Collector’s Society asked me to make an announcement…

They have organized a special project of 100 Seven issue 1 comics signed by Jim Shooter, and several other creators who worked on the books, combined with a signed printout of issue 2, a CD with issue 2 in PDF format, a plot overview, character dossiers and much more extra stuff. And a COA from the VALIANT Collector’s Society.

This special package is a benefit to help support this blog and to finance the Unity 2000 project. I’m helping organize and finalize the project and I’m also working on coloring the unpublished Unity 2000 issues. It should be a very interesting and fun thing.

Here are the details for the Seven Project on the VCS forum:


I’ve got a list a few posts down on the forum of everyone who has signed up. Message me or email me if you have questions.

Inkwell Awards Voting

JayJay here. I just wanted to let everyone know the Inkwell Awards annual ballot is live and voting is in effect now! From May 1 – May 15 at http://www.inkwellawards.com

Vote for your favorite inkers and vote for two of the industries most outstanding talents to win the Joe Sinnott lifetime achievement award!

Stardoll 1: Secrets & Dreams

Hello, Dolly!

The first ever Stardoll graphic novel is on sale today. Available physically and electronically.

If you don’t know, Stardoll is, according to their website: “The world’s largest online fashion and dress up games community for girls!” It has 200 million users worldwide. It’s “paperdoll heaven.”

Even I knew that, and I’m decades older and the opposite sex from their target audience, which is “…girls who love fashion, making friends, shopping, decorating and being creative.” Hmm. Reminds me of a certain Blog Elf I know.

And if you’re wondering, no, I did not sign up. I do not have my own “MeDoll.” If I did, my lack of fashion sense would probably get me thrown offline.

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