Writer. Creator. Large mammal.


Welcome. I’m a writer. I’ve been in and around the comic book business for a long time.

Currently, I’m redeveloping some of the classic Dell/Gold Key characters, including Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom, Magnus Robot Fighter, Turok Son of Stone, the Mighty Samson and more for Dark Horse Comics.

Here you’ll find some new stuff and some old stuff I’ve written—scripts, plots, critiques, commentaries, ramblings, and the wisdom of the ancients I was taught when the world was new.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Note: Hi. I’m JayJay, facilitator of this blog, since Jim is a bit web-illiterate. I’ll do my best to present, piece by piece, the mountains of material he’s given me, as well as his occasional outbursts.


A Diller, a Dollar, a Donald Duck scholar


  1. Welcome! (I'm traveling back in time to post.)

  2. Boy

    "I'm a writer." LOL. What an understatement. I can't really think of too many writers that can come close to Jim Shooter's level. He's like the Michael Jordan of writing.

  3. I definitely like how insightful and personal these blogs have been. Incidentally, it would be nice to see that "Horsepower" article Jim wrote reprinted in Dark Horse's upcoming Doctor Solar, Man of The Atom Volume 1: Troublemaker TPB.

  4. Mr. Shooter,

    I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your writing, and your editorial work. You have been involved with hundreds (probably even thousands, but I'm too lazy to do the math) of my favorite comics. Thank you, and keep writing. I'm particularly enjoying Mighty Samson these days.

  5. A writer? Keep at it.
    I'm sure we'll hear good things.
    Sit up straight when you type.
    And wear a tie.

  6. Great to see you on here, Jim. It was great talking with you last year at C2E2 — I was able to work a lot of what you told me onto my comics history site:


  7. Jim, you're THE reason why I became interested in the people who CREATED comics, mostly thanks to your Bullpen Bulletins and behind-the-scenes stories. Marvel's writers, artists, and staffers became a second family to me during your unequaled tenure as EIC.

  8. Glad to see this come to fruition! Cant wait to see more!!!

  9. I'm looking forward to old and new stuff! The Spider-Man stage script was a treat, and I'm excited to see any other material you are willing to share.

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