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Jack Kirby Drawing of Captain America

My giant Jack Kirby drawing. Mentioned in Reminiscing About Jack Kirby.

Signature and dedication.

Sorry about the shadows and reflections.  The photos would be better if JayJay had taken them, but I had to post these today, on Flag Day.


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  1. Too cool for words…
    If had one of those nobody would be able to tell me anything…

  2. I don't know if Mr. Shooter would enjoy working as EiC in the current era, with today's comics being far less about telling good stories and far more about maintaining brand names alive for cross-media exploitation…

    …But I know I'd be very happy to see him at the helm of any comics company.

  3. Jim you're still getting no credit from the last bitter clingers in comic collecting but your blog is getting more mentions…

    Someone even predicted / hoped that you'd end up back as EiC of DC or Marvel!

  4. Dear kintounkal,

    I couldn't help but wonder what that portrait of Jim looked like when I read that interview months ago. A great painted by another great … what could be greater?

  5. Neat. I can't help but wonder what VALIANT and DEFIANT titles drawn by Kirby might look like. By the way, I read the 'Jim Shooter's Secret Origin, In His Own Words' interview over at Graphic NYC where you mention Sienkiewicz painting a tall portrait for your thirtieth birthday. If it's not too much trouble, please share a photo of that poster someday.

  6. Dear Jim,

    Hooray! You found it – and you posted it on an appropriate day! Thanks!

    The Red Skull doesn't look too pleased, but I am!

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