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Portrait of Jim Shooter by Bill Sienkiewicz

Because you demanded it! Jim took pictures today of the portrait Bill painted for him using his new iPhone’s camera. Pardon the reflections of the kitchen in the the glass.


The Coming of ROM: A Knight’s Tale


ROM Comments and Answers


  1. Gregg H

    Funny thing about Bill's art.
    I was probably about twelve when he took over New Mutants. I had never seen his work before, and he made what was my absolute favorite book virtually unreadable to me. I was crushed.
    I guess I just wasn't sophisticated enough of a reader to appreciate the art at that time, especially considering that it was SUCH a radical change from the previous art (anyone remember who it was?). Not all that long after that I found a copy of a Moon Knight special edition with a few issues of reprints on glossy paper as I was rummaging around my brother's room and I loved it. I guess it was a combination of the art presenting better on the higher quality paper and the fact that I was going into the book almost blind, having barely even seen the charachter Mon Knight before that book.

    Jim, was any of that any sort of consideration for you at the time? Between the radical change in art on New Mutants and the way Bill's are presented on the standard newsprint, I mean.

  2. From an interview on the Bullpen Bulletins page, we know it's pronounced "Bill".

    Amazing artist.

  3. Fans attending conventions always have to be careful about that. If you trick Bill into saying "Zciweikneis", I hear he involuntarily returns to the 5th dimension for a minimum of 90 days. 🙂

  4. Bill's booth at cons has his name spelled out and "It's pronounced Sin-Kev-Itch".

  5. Considering Bill Sienkiewicz's Twitter profile simplifies his name to "billsinn", I'm sure he's used to typos appearing in his last name. 🙂

  6. Leave it to Bill Sienhiewicz to beautifully pull off such an image.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Bill's portrait is a lot more realistic and stylish than I expected it to be. Oddly enough, the first time I took notice of Jim's name was when I saw his "Pro File" inside G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #62 ("Transit"). Similar to this portrait, it depicted Jim from the knees up to his tie. To convey his height, the Empire State Building can be seen in the background reaching up to his waist. 🙂 Does anyone know who drew that Bullpen Belletins illustration?

  8. That is AWESOME! I'd heard about this legendary portrait for a while now – glad we finally got to see it!

  9. Dear Jim,

    Hope you are enjoying your iPhone. I can't live without mine. Its camera is better than my regular digital camera!

    Was this a Christmas present? I can imagine this as a Marvel Age cover. "Who is he? See inside!" The reader opens the comic and finds a full-body photo of you in an identical suit standing next to Bill with a caption explaining that Bill painted the portrait from his point of view.

  10. that's awesome.:) Funny thing is when I hear the name Jim Shooter that's the first thing that comes to mind the dark suit and pinstripe shirt:)

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