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Marvel’s 25th Anniversary in Variety

JayJay here. Jim is otherwise occupied today so I thought I would come up with something to fill in and also spotlight what one of our readers, the wonderful JediJones, has accomplished… He has compiled a list of Jim’s work that is available on Amazon. We appreciate all the trouble he went to!

JediJones comments:

I just compiled a list of links of Jim’s trade paperbacks available on Amazon. I inserted Jim’s affiliate link code so he should get full referral fees if you buy through these links.

Jim, Amazon also has this bibliography page with a form for you to make updates to it. It’s missing most of your titles so you might want to update it and then you can link to it here. It might also be worth posting direct graphic links here to the pre-orders for the new Secret Wars I and II trade paperbacks. (Thanks! I will work on that!–JJ)

Marvel Avengers: The Korvac Saga (Marvel Premiere Classic) (Collects Avengers #167-168, #170-177)
Marvel Secret Wars
Marvel Secret Wars II
Marvel Secret Wars Omnibus (Collects Secret Wars #1-12, Thor #383, She-Hulk #10)
Marvel Secret Wars Omnibus Alex Ross Variant Cover (Collects Secret Wars #1-12, Thor #383, She-Hulk #10)
Marvel 44 Years of the Fantastic Four DVD-ROM Collector’s Edition (Collects #1-519, Annual #1-32, with ALL comic pages including all Bullpen Bulletins written by Jim)
Marvel New Universe Star Brand Classic – Volume 1 (v. 1) (Collects #1-7)
DC Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, Vol. 5 (DC Archive Editions) (Collects stories from Adventure Comics #340-349)
DC Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, Vol. 6 (DC Archive Editions) (Collects stories from Adventure Comics #350-358)
DC Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, Vol. 7 (DC Archive Editions) (Collects stories from Adventure Comics #359-367, Jimmy Olsen #106)
DC Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, Vol. 8 (DC Archive Editions) (Collects stories from Adventure Comics #368-376, Superboy #147)
DC Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, Vol. 9 (DC Archive Editions) (Collects stories from Adventure Comics #377-380, Action Comics #378-387, #389-392)
DC Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, Vol. 11 (DC Archive Editions) (Collects stories from Superboy #203-212)
DC Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, Vol. 12 (DC Archive Editions) (Collects stories from Superboy #213-223, Karate Kid #1)
DC Legion of Super-Heroes: Enemy Rising (Collects Vol. 4 #37-44)
DC Legion of Super-Heroes: Enemy Manifest (Collects Vol. 4 #45-50)
Dark Horse Gold Key Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom Volume 1 (Collects #1-4)
Dark Horse Gold Key Magnus, Robot Fighter Volume 1 (Collects #1-4)
Dark Horse Gold Key Turok, Son of Stone Volume 1: Aztlan (Collects #1-4)
Valiant Harbinger: The Beginning (Collects #0-7 recolored)
Valiant X-O Manowar: Birth (Collects #0-6 recolored)
Valiant Archer & Armstrong: First Impressions (Collects #0-6 recolored)
Valiant Solar, Man of the Atom: Alpha and Omega (Collects #1-10’s backup stories)
Valiant Solar, Man of the Atom: Second Death (Collects #1-4)
Valiant Magnus, Robot Fighter: Steel Nation (Collects #1-4)
Valiant Magnus, Robot Fighter: Invasion (Collects #5-8)
Valiant Rai (Collects #1-4)
Valiant Harbinger: Children of the Eighth Day (Collects #1-4)
Valiant X-O Manowar Retribution (Collects #1-4)
Valiant Shadowman (Collects #1-3, 6)
Valiant Unity Saga Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Collects Unity crossover)
Defiant Warriors of Plasm The Collected Edition (Collects Warriors of Plasm #0-4, Splatterball #1)
Broadway Comics Inherit the Earth (Collects Powers That Be #1, Shadow State #1-2, Fatale #1-6)

I’ve been going through old stuff as well and I ran across an issue of Variety that had a special section for Marvel’s 25th Anniversary. I scanned some of the pages. Click the images to enlarge.

Jim has promised to tell the story of working with George Romero on Mongrel soon!


The Secret Origin of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe – Part 3


A Question About Female Characters


  1. Anonymous

    In his "Variety" interview Jim says he considers the editors to be key figures because they are the guardians of the characters. Where is that kind of thinking gone?

    Tenzil Kem (aka Kevin McKay)

  2. KintounKal

    Looking at the links above, I noticed four of the listings could be improved a little bit. Marvel Secret Wars Omnibus neglects to mention it also collects What If…? Starring Secret Wars #114 ("Brave New World"). Likewise, Dark Horse Gold Key Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom Volume 1: Troublemaker starts with "Fallout" and Dark Horse Gold Key Magnus, Robot Fighter Volume 1: Metal Mob reprints "Eyes to the Blind". Lastly, Valiant Rai also includes issue 0 ("The Blood of Heroes").

  3. KintounKal


    Unfortunately, Secret Wars II Omnibus does not include all the crossover issues. Rom #72 ("When You Wish Upon a Star") and The Micronauts: The New Voyages #16 ("Economies of Scale") are both absent. Of course, if there weren't copyright problems associated with those 2 issues, Deadpool Team-Up Starring Deadpool and Widdle Wade #1 ("Turning Japanese (or: Little Demon Inside") and Quasar #8 ("Still Life With Metal") might have been omitted to make room.

    Although Amazon provides the same picture for both versions of this hardcover, only the Direct Market version features John Byrne's cover for issue 1 ("Earthfall"). Ed McGuinness provided the standard cover featuring a close-up of the Beyonder grinning beneath Magneto, Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and Iron Man.

    I'd be curious to know why Mr. McGuinness didn't copy Byrne's layout. That's the standard approach for contemporary Omnibus covers. Did someone perhaps decide that the Beyonder's shadow occupied too much space and Ed was told to draw something different? Obviously, he's best known for drawing characters with ripped physiques so he probably wouldn't chose to draw scrawny New Mutants like Wolfsbane and Warlock anyway.

    For some reason, the first Secret Wars Omnibus strayed from Marvel's established pattern for these volumes as well. As a result, Alex Ross' homage cover was released as the Direct Market edition. I'm pleased to see that this lack of consistency was noticed and the upcoming TPB printing for Secret Wars will feature Ross' art on the front.

  4. Oh, and another issue was that the Marvel lawsuit sunk a potential toy deal with Mattel. Mattel was planning to do a toy tie-in with Plasm which would have meant more revenue for Defiant as well as a promotional opportunity for the comics. But I believe the legal proceedings delayed finalizing the deal with Mattel, or possibly scared Mattel off, and they decided to pass on the project. So that took another chunk out of Defiant's business plan, contributing to them running out of money later.

  5. Regarding Defiant, Jim has discussed that venture in the comments here off and on. The big problem Defiant had right out of the gate was Marvel suing them over the title "Plasm." Marvel claimed it conflicted with a character they created for their U.K. publishing division called "Plasmer." The judge said the case had no merit but Defiant lost hundreds of thousands defending itself in court.

    After that, I believe Defiant eventually folded because they just ran out of money. That was right around the mid-'90s when the comics market imploded. Many stores closed and orders for new comics plummetted at every company. The investors decided not to put any more money in to keep Defiant going so they had to close up shop.

  6. I wonder if they were as stoked when Pittsburgh was disintegrated? Big fan of the New Universe work, I remember it being quite a big deal when I was a kid. Would be great to read anything you had to say about it, Mr. Shooter.

  7. Anonymous

    Totally off-topic, I've been reading some old Daredevil tales from the 1960s/70s and was surprised at the "limp" way the female characters were presented. Both Karen Page (in particular) and the Black Widow are from the "Oh, Matt…" school. Any thoughts? (or kick me into the place where I SHOULD have posted this) – MmM

  8. Anonymous

    Seeing Warriors of Plasm mentioned brings back memories.

    David Lapham's art on the book was brilliant, as was the colouring (forgot who the colourist was its a long time since I read it).

    Whatever happened to Defiant, or is that something Mr Shooter will cover in the future?

  9. Urk

    Hey Jedi Jones

    Thanks for digging those links up- much appreciated!

  10. dan

    That list reminded me just how much I don't care about Marvel past Shooter's departure.

  11. This Jim Shooter fan site is I think the best source for a full bibliography of Jim Shooter's comic book work. I can't remember offhand if it includes all the trade paperbacks in its lists or not. The site appears to be down at the moment but I know it was working last week.

    My above list was basically an attempt to list all the collected editions of Jim's comic book work that are available on Amazon and put Jim's affiliate link code in them. That way if you purchase through these links he should get the highest referral fee possible. Even if you buy more than one, you should go back and use those links to go to each separate item you buy to maximize the potential referral fees.

    There are also many individual comic books available in the Amazon marketplace. Many of Jim's various issues, especially the Defiant and Broadway stuff, are not available in any collected editions. So the checklists on the aforementioned Jim Shooter fan site would be one way to help track those down.

  12. I made one glaring oversight in the above list, the Secret Wars II omnibus. That's a nice one since it includes all of the crossover issues. Amazon lists 2 versions for undetermined reasons, which is not uncommon for their comic book-related listings. The second link here has it cheaper.

    Secret Wars II Omnibus

    Secret Wars II Omnibus HC – Direct Market Edition

  13. I liked "godfather of the ambiance" too – you should get some business cards w/that or "Janet Jackson – Art Capo" on them.

  14. "Art capo!" lol.

  15. @ Jedi Jones

    I think we've had our disagreements on this blog, but damn, speaking as a fanboy myself, compiling a bibliography like that is way cool!

  16. Thanks, JediJones!

    Now I'm absolutely sure I haven't missed any of the Valiant collections. [grin]

  17. Thanks for the shoutout and the cool vintage article, JayJay. I like your initials by the way. 😉 Glad you liked the links. After posting that I did find a few more trade paperback collections on Amazon containing issues written by Jim. I submitted all that I found to Jim's Amazon bibliography page the other day and they seem to have added them.

    Speaking of people with the initials J.J., here's comic book writer and maintainer of The Comics Chronicles John Jackson Miller's Amazon bibliography page as an example. It looks like you can set up Jim's photo, bio and apparently even a feed of his blog entries on his Amazon page if you want to.

  18. Dear JayJay,

    Thanks for posting JediJones' hard work on the blog where all can easily see it and order Jim's books. Alas, I already purchased them before I saw JediJones' comment, but I will use the Amazon sidebar on this blog in the future. I constantly check this site for comments, so I might as well shop here instead of opening another tab for Amazon.

    I'm trying to collect every article ever written about Jim, so I appreciated the Variety scans including the piece on him. It says "He came to Marvel in 1973 as a writer." Oops. But otherwise it seems accurate.

    The author of "Stan Lee's Imperfect Heroes" is future Legion scripter Tom Bierbaum. I wonder if Jim has met him.

    I also wonder if the "Marvelous News!" ad is the biggest drawing of Star Brand ever published. Maybe I'm forgetting a SB poster or something.

    I had no idea Mongrel even existed. I look forward to the tale of Jim's team-up with George Romero. Who drew the art in the ad? The design reminds me of Deathlok.

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