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Panel at the New York Comic Con Sunday

Jim will be on a panel at the New york Comic Con this weekend.

Screen Future: Gaming, Comics and TV Around the World and Five Years From Now

Date: Sunday, October 16
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Location: 1A15

Brian David Johnson, Craig Engler, Jim Shooter

Join moderator Brian David Johnson, Intel Futurist and author of
“Screen Future,” along with industry luminaries Craig Engler (senior
executive, Syfy channel) and Jim Shooter (legendary creator, Dark Horse
Comics), as they discuss the digital future of entertainment. The
conversation spans Bollywood to the comic con show floor regarding how
and what digital entertainment you’ll likely be enjoying five years from
now. Learn about how people, technology, and economics are shaping the
evolution of entertainment and smart TV. Expand your knowledge of the
technology influencing our rapidly changing world.  


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  1. I wasn't going to spend that much time at NYCC on Sunday, but the chance to see you, Jim, will make the extra time spent worthwhile! Hope to get to see you and shake your hand.

    NYC, 2 days away and I can't wait…


  2. Darksbane, unfortunately, you did miss something. The Dark Horse Gold Key titles ended this month. The cancellation was announced back in the spring I think. They took them to 4 or 8 issues each so they could collect them in groups of 4 in trade paperbacks. Too bad, this would have been a good month to debut Dr. Spektor too.

  3. Thanks, Jim, I'm looking forward to whatever future work you do.

  4. Wait did I miss something and the Gold Key Dark Horse books aren't continuing? Because that would suck.

  5. There are no plans for me to do any new work for Dark Horse yet. I might get together with Mike Richardson while he's in town. We'll see.

  6. I enjoyed the last issues of Turok & Mighty Samson, Jim, I'm going to miss your work on the Gold Key books. Any upcoming Dark Horse work of yours you can mention?

  7. Well, in any case thanks for the kind words about the con. If you ever decide to do a promotional tour, say for the book you really should turn this blog into, we'd be glad to have you.

  8. It seems like you'd be able to make business connections at certain conventions if you visited with that mindset. Some people most likely assume you are out of the creative side of the entertainment industry altogether if you name slips off their radar.

  9. Dear Carl,

    I don't go to conventions as a rule, only because I can't afford to lose the work time. I go when an employer or prospective employer wants me to, which is why I'm going to NYCC, or when other imperatives assert.

    I've been to I-CON. It's great. Wish I could come. But I can't for the nonce. Sorry.

    The last time I was at I-CON, Harryhausen was there. That was wonderful.

  10. Dear Bryan,

    My experiences with the video game biz are worth a post. Coming soon. Thanks.

  11. Jim Shooter is definitely in demand these days!

  12. Hey! When I invited you to I-CON you said you weren't doing conventions any more … what gives?

    Um, want to be a guest at I-CON?

  13. Jim I remember reading an interview you did in Wizard back in 95. Something you said stuck with me and I use it in my every day life.

    "You know the truth and that has to be enough."

    Not the exact phrasing. But I know it has gotten me thru some dark hours.

  14. Anonymous

    Jim, have fun at the convention if you get the chance.

    Since this is nominally about gaming, I wondered if there were any interesting stories concerning the video game world that you were involved with, possibly with Acclaim and Valiant or even the old Atari 2600 Spider-Man game. Have you ever had much interest in video games, either as a player or contributing with writing or something like that?


  15. Maybe. It depends. I may have to trek down to the con for a meeting or two, but they haven't been confirmed yet. If either or both happen, I'll be there. If so, I'll probably spend some time at the Dark Horse booth. When I find out what my schedule is, I'll post it.

  16. Jim, are you going to be there on Saturday?

  17. Chris

    Hi Marc,

    Like you, I'd really like to hear/see audio/video of this panel, or a transcript or at least a recap by Mr. Shooter.

    If anyone can offer any seriously good Bollywood recommendations, I would gladly check them out, because something that popular has to have something that I would like.

  18. Dear Chris,

    "Bollywood" was the one word that jumped out at me in the panel description. I'm interested in what Jim has to say about it, since I've never seen him mention it before. But I realize there's a lot of ground to cover in an hour, so I'm not expecting the panelists to go in depth. I am curious to learn how Bollywood will be integrated into the larger conversation.

  19. Chris

    I'd be interested to hear what will be said about Bollywood. I love foreign films, and I've seen a handful of Bollywood offerings (including several remakes of other films like "The Godfather" and "Oldboy"), but couldn't stand them.

  20. Dear Jim,

    I wish I could be there. It'd be great if video or audio of this panel could be online. I hope this goes well.

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