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Jerry Robinson and Steve Ditko

Defiant 1 offered a link to a must-read article in this comment:

Defiant1 has left a new comment on your post “Jerry Robinson http://www.jimshooter.com/2011/12/jerry-robinson.html?showComment=1324615552055#c4127676358749850686

Interesting blog post about Robinson teaching Ditko…



Sex and Drugs


Sex and Drugs – Part 2


  1. It was interesting to me because I never knew Steve learned his craft from Jerry.

  2. Off topic, I know, but, in the event that there is no blog update for the next few days, may I take this opportunity to wish Jim and JayJay, and all my fellow readers, a happy and peaceful Christmas and great things for the coming year.

  3. Cool, thanks for that. Am in a comic book shop, now for the first time in a while, looking at lots of New 52 crap, thinking, "these guys sure could have learned something from Jerry Robinson, like Ditko did."

    Thanks again.

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