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Joe Simon

Joe Simon

Joe Simon passed away on Wednesday.I met Joe Simon in the Green Room at QVC HQ in West Goshen, Pennsylvania some years ago. He was there to do a promotion for a slate of comics collectibles. Me too. I’d never even seen a picture of him, but he recognized me and introduced himself. What an honor to meet him! Joe was one of the most gracious and nicest people I’ve ever known. We got together a few more times after that, and each time he couldn’t have been nicer. And, of course, he was a fundamental force in our industry, a giant upon whose shoulders we all stand. What a great man. What a great loss.


Mile High Comics Appearance


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  1. Doc V. said…
    I'm late chiming in here. Nice comments on Joe Simon. What a week that was. We lost both Jerry Robinson and Joe Simon 7 days apart. I met Joe on a handful of occasions and wrote about the meeting here, dovetailing in Jerry Robinson also.


  2. Dear arnie,

    I am in a unique position: I started so young that I got to work with many old-guard people but I am still compos mentis-ish enough (opinions vary) to tell the tales. I came into the biz around the same time that Archie, Roy and Denny did, but I am 11 years younger than Roy, the baby of that threesome. I learned from the elders and pioneers. All of the "wisdom and knowledge" you refer to is the basis for my writing, storytelling and other comics art disciplines lectures. I didn't invent anything about the art and science — I just pass on the wisdom of the ancients. I would bet that Archie, if he was still with us, plus Roy and Denny, who learned from the ancients as well, would echo the fundamentals I preach — each with their own insights, improvements, amplifications and filagrees. Roy and Denny are welcome to do so here. If they do so elsewhere, look for links here. I consider myself, as you characterized it, a "caretaker" of the wisdom and knowledge given me. I cherish every word that Will, Stan, Jack, Steve and many, many other Great Elders uttered in my presence. I pass it all on the best I can.

  3. You were fortunate to know him.

  4. With the passing of the wonderful talents, have you ever considered doing a series of books explaining the processes of these industry pioneers and architects? After all YOU have worked among them for the longest, so as a one after another passes away, i've considered you, the "caretaker" of that wisdom and knowledge.

    i never had to a chance to meet Mr. Simon, but i'm sure he had more to pass on.

    something to think about….

  5. Beautiful words, Jim.

  6. Too bad you never got a chance to work with him at Marvel, or even Valiant. But I think by that point he was determined to stay indie.

  7. Good testimony, Jim. Simon was one of the greatest names of comics!

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