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Technical Difficulties Defeated!

It seems a Black Hole warped cyberspace and absorbed a lot of entries I posted long ago. They just vanished. However, the Amazing JayJay, Blog Elf Extraordinaire, has dragged them all out of oblivion. They’re ba-a-ack! 

She can tell you what happened and how she fixed it if she wants. I prefer to believe it was Elf-magic.

The really annoying thing about the Black Hole was that it sucked up most of the How-to-Create-Comics posts!  The wisdom of the Ancients! Things I learned from Stan Lee, Mort Weisinger and a string of other all-time greats that I humbly passed along. The really, really annoying thing is that for more than a year, I’ve been referring people to posts that weren’t there anymore.

You see, after a long hiatus, I’ve been appearing at conventions again during the last year or so. Last year was the 30th anniversary of Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars, there was suddenly a lot of interest, so agent Spencer Beck organized a “reunion tour” featuring super-penciler Mike Zeck, star-inker John Beatty and what’s left of me. 

Honestly, at first, I went along with it mostly to hang out with those great guys again, having not seen them for years, but it turned out to be good fun in general.  After not doing cons for years, it was all new again. So many people come in costumes these days!  Don’tcha love the little kids in costume? Like micro-heroes from an alternate dimension. 

Anyway, Mike, John and I did panels, signed books and told tales, etc. A lot of people showed me their work and asked for how-to advice.  I’d tell them as much as I could, but at a busy con—all of them were busy—you don’t have much time.  “Check out my blog,” I’d say. “You can find lots of info there.”  Well, no they couldn’t and they probably all think I’m crazy. All right, all right, crazier.

Anyway, there’s still some re-organizing going on, but everything that ever appeared on the blog is there again. If you can’t find something immediately, poke around a little. It’s all there. Elfasaurus Rex made it so.

The Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Reunion Tour

20160320_151356Standing, Mike Zeck and John Beatty; seated, Jim Shooter and Toronto Comic Con Volunteer Nicole


Stardoll 1: Secrets & Dreams


A Look Back


  1. JediJones

    Just found out you were writing blog entries again this year after a Google search looking for info on the Steve Gerber parody in Secret Wars II led me to your Steve Gerber entries here. Welcome back and I hope your work on the blog continues!

  2. Hey Jim, I remembered and read the Wiki Info about you and I remembered to . .. the good old comic years… The 70s, the 80s, the 90s etc,
    Now everything has changed- I don’t do
    Comics anymore here in Germany, but there is here still a big comic fandom. The German Comic Con is just before starting with lots of US-Stars as guests…
    I am still publishing… Women’s Magazines with bigger print runs and I am active in some real estate investments…
    Cordially from Hamburg, WMB

  3. Barb

    Hey Shooter…it’s Deans
    I have a 6′ 9 ” son who won a creative arts emmy

  4. Aaron

    OMG! I am so happy that you are back! I was checking your name online, as I sometimes do, and I saw your blog. I thought: “I should not go back there, I already know that he stopped blogging a while ago”. And then, surprise, you’re back!!!!

  5. Thought you had vanished, Mr. Shooter! Glad that you’ve come back, got the blog straightened out, and are getting some fan appreciation.

  6. Trevor

    Does this mean you’re officially going to start blogging again? I discovered your site just when you stopped so I never had the chance to reply to your entries. Anyway, it was a great read and I, as well as so many others, would love to read more stories of your time as EiC of Marvel.

  7. Ole M. Olsen

    …and all of a sudden I find new posts on Jim Shooter’s site, after looking semi-regularly for years!

    Welcome back, Jim! Don’t be a stranger! I, for one, promise to behave this time around.

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