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New! Storytelling Lecture.

JayJay here. Look! Up in the navigation bar!

I’ve created a separate web page section of the blog just for Jim’s storytelling lecture. It’s all of the information and images, without the fluff or announcements, in one easy-to-find spot. I thought it would be easier for people to to explore the content and browse only the information they want.

The wisdom of the ancients presented for your elucidation.



Speaking of Con Appearances


Jim Shooter: A Second Opinion


  1. Barb

    Hey Shoooooter!!! It’s Deans!!😂

  2. steve

    Much appreciated! And Welcome Back! (does this mean Jim has something new in the pipeline?)

  3. Thanks, Jay Jay! Didn’t realize y’all were back up! I’m in the middle of a cartoon script; I hope mine is the one to put “Ze Monkeyz” on the map. It was nice to refresh my mind, with a click, to bullet point what I should know and do remember.

  4. Thanks Jayjay! I hope Jim goes back to posting.

  5. D

    Thanks, JayJay!

  6. Glad to see updates!

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