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Author: JayJay Jackson

JayJay Jackson is an eclectic artist, designer and writer who works in all the coolest media. She lives an unstable existence companioned by a couple of sexy beasts, if Freddy and the cat can be called that. She is available for book signings, illustration work and jaunts to Paris.

Jim Shooter, to me. By guest blogger JayJay

JayJay here. Jim will write about the comic book business and about his work, but he doesn’t often write about purely personal things. Mostly, no doubt, because his work has been the all-consuming thing in his life and he’s never really “off work” completely. But two incidents stand out in my mind that define who Jim Shooter is to me.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blogcast…

From blog facilitator JayJay:
Deadline pressure has gotten to Jim and he’s started in with the funny late night emails to me.See what I have to put up with?  He’s mad as a loon.

Jim wrote this to me in the middle of the night, making me laugh, while I’m trying to paint the fires of hell for a heavy metal album cover, harshing my whole evil vibe! Argh!

Posting it is my revenge.”Dear Prunella Oddpot,

Inbreeniation has lept…leapted…jumped upon me, and I have become drunc…drunnch…tipsy.

I will continue working, as I am much better when I am…you know.

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